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What we Do


Creating software automation tools that take care of lower priority tasks so that your employees can focus on critical tasks.


Whether the project is a new application, an existing application or features for an existing applications, our team helps you generate more value for your clients.


After an application moves to production, it typically requires maintenance. We can assist in various ways including troubleshooting post-deployment bugs and environment stability issues.

Our Values

Delivering Quality

We would never want to deliver code that is not maintainable just as much as we don't like working with it.


Our focus is delivering a product that delivers value, not getting obsessed with the technology involved.

Establishing Trust

We don't exaggerate our current skillset even though we are quick learners. Nor would we commit to a deadline we know we can't meet.

Providing Feedback

We provide advice along the way to help you avoid undesirable results.


Server Side

Java, JavaEE, Play Framework, PHP, Spring Boot, Apache, Nginx

Desktop Apps

C#, .NET, WPF, Java, JavaFX

Mobile Apps

Native Android

Browser Apps

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap


SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra, MySQL, JPA


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Tata Consultancy Services
Automation, Development, Support, Deployment

TCS employed one of our veterens to support a series of production applications and linux hosts at one of the top telecom companies in Canada. We also created an application and a script to help automate support tasks. The types of applications supported included both client and server applications. Technologies included Java, JavaEE, Play, Spring, AngularJS, Cassandra, SQL Server.


PHD Solutions Inc.

We are currently assisting PHD Solutions with the implementation of a consumer desktop application for one of their clients which integrates a proprietary face recognition api. Technologies employed include C#, .NET and WPF.



Our veteran has assisted GoldScoring.Net with feature additions to both their admin console and their leaderboard. Technologies we worked with included PHP, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


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